Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 10 - Page 82


Predictive cybersecurity will anticipate cyberattacks and protect assets

As innovative technologies are armed by cybercriminals , industrial companies must adopt a multi-layered approach that anticipates cyberattacks and protects critical assets before they are exploited , says Tim Grieveson , AVEVA ’ s Chief Information Security Officer .

The exponential development of computing devices has expanded access capabilities for cybercriminals to detect and exploit vulnerabilities in innovative ways . With a mid-grade smartphone now more powerful than the more advanced computers were just a few years ago , cybercriminals can launch powerful and sophisticated attacks at relatively low cost from a mobile unit while also working from home .

That ease of access somehow explains why there is a cyberattack every 39 seconds . As industrial organizations embrace digitization , inadequate security protection can open their systems to malicious actors . Today , criminals use a wide variety of methods , from commonly used techniques such as phishing and password hacking to more sophisticated operations , such as watering holes attacks , that deliver malware to visitors .
Increasingly , the same innovative technology that is used to deliver solutions for the common good is being deployed in destructive ways to inflict catastrophic damage to infrastructure , business systems and ultimately the public .
Two sides of the same coin
Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) is just one example of a dual-use experience . While technology has already improved business operations in many ways , AI is already being used as a weapon for illicit profit .
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