Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 10 - Page 75

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Rockwell Automation has launched an ambitious plan to accompany automation in manufacturing plants , regardless of their level of digital maturity . We look at the benefits it brings .

Industries are not stopping in the race for automation and need strategic partners with enough experience to guide them on that path . At the Rockwell Automation campus in Medellín , Colombia , they work on various fronts regarding the future of industrial automation and the software that supports it .

César Arango , Engineering Manager , Rockwell Automation , said : “ When I talk about the future , I refer to the Software-as-a-Service ( SaaS ) proposal in the cloud , that is , the possibility of hosting all of an industry ’ s software in the cloud and not on local servers .”
In addition to having deployed the necessary programs as well as benefiting from the associated saving costs , workers can access various aspects of the operation process without being in the plant .
This convergence will open many possibilities such as providing access to the software from anywhere .
SaaS offers advantages such as multi-location , immediate connection and collaboration between multiple locations . The suite that provides these services is FactoryTalk Hub , focused on software to support an ecosystem of industrial applications . And it is in line with what companies like Microsoft , Accenture , Salesforce and PTC , among others , have done .
“ 88 % of executives expect to optimize technology through services that are in the cloud , not by
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