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CASE STUDY for aligning different areas into a single strategy , departments needed flexibility .”
In addition to building internal dashboards by the departments themselves , business analysts needed support in ad-hoc investigations . According to Benedetto , Leroy Merlin was no longer limited to building dashboards to monitor the execution of known strategies .
“ We also needed to support the construction of new strategies based on experimentation and analytics . We are now prepared to receive analysts on the platform besides the data and management teams . We were looking for a solution that would allow a guarded freedom with a common data model , finegrained control of data access and full visibility into the analytics built ,” said Benedetto .
“ We were very satisfied with the Qlik Sense tool and we saw in the SaaS version an answer to the challenges listed . Scale was guaranteed , freeing analytics teams from the burden of managing servers ,” said Benedetto .
The cost per user was also reduced , allowing the company to double the number of employees with access to the tool . In addition , the IT team integrated the new version with the internal profile management tool to control access by position .
“ We also had collaboration gains with the functionality of co-building applications , where data teams started supporting business analysts in building dashboards ,” said Benedetto .
According to him , another important aspect was the need to implement something that could scale without great effort , which was not the case with the onpremises solution .
Benedetto explains that in the midst of hundreds of reports and versions of solutions , it is easy to get lost . The CIO says that Qlik SaaS allows each user to create their collections with the apps that make more sense for their work , creating a personalized vision .


In addition , it ’ s possible to connect spreadsheets and text files in Qlik for data discovery and point analysis .
“ We have seen rapid growth in our business and we need our organization to respond effectively to demands so we can continue to deliver customer satisfaction ,” said the CIO .
Qlik Catalog
“ Managing servers took up important time from teams and yet the performance left something to be desired at times ,” said the CIO .
Simplicity in deployment
According to Benedetto , the deployment from a technical point of view was quite simple with the data ingestion flow still being done on-premises at the beginning . The team took the opportunity to review the applications with a focus on UX and performance .
“ DataViz is not Excel but our users often try to bring their way of working from spreadsheets to Qlik ,” he said .
All the underperforming apps were rebuilt in a ‘ back to basics ’ effort : a dashboard must contain the data to support a related set of decisions and only that data .
As Leroy Merlin enables more of its employees with data , the company wants to ensure that everyone is accessing and using relevant and governed information that they can trust .
The organization has adopted Qlik Catalog to help provide the business with on-demand access to analytics-ready data , simplifying and accelerating the profiling , organization , preparation and delivery of trustworthy , actionable data .
Eduardo Kfouri , VP and General Manager , Qlik Latin America , said : “ Organizations such as Leroy Merlin have seen tremendous value in leveraging Qlik ’ s cloud analytics to face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic while setting themselves up for continued growth .
“ We look forward to working with Leroy Merlin to help them continue to democratize the access and use of
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