Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 10 - Page 53


Energy transition and data centers : From energy consumers to providers

Vicente Chiralt , Senior Director , Field Marketing and Channel Marketing , Vertiv , explains how data centers may become a source of clean energy in the near future .

The energy sector is responsible for 60 % of the world ’ s greenhouse gas emissions . Therefore , seeking a more sustainable planet and also upholding Sustainable Development Goal 7 from the United Nations ensures access to affordable , secure , sustainable and modern energy . In other words , having cleaner energy means decarbonizing it and relying more on renewable energy .

The challenge is not easy ; our lives depend on energy for daily activities , such as cooking , working and moving , among other things .
Furthermore , without energy , the fight against the pandemic becomes more complicated since it is necessary to guarantee the electricity supply for healthcare professionals and also have clean energy and ease IT communications and services that connect people while supporting social distancing .
An energetic boost
Our sector , the technological one , is also the one with the highest energy consumption . Just to keep the Internet working , it is estimated that 70 billion kilowatt-hours are spent a year . And the greater the demand for the Internet , for technology and the use of all kinds of devices , the more energy will be required and consumed .
Data centers stand for a large part of the energy consumption of the technology sector . Digital
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