Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 10 - Page 50

The software is already helping us in the continuous improvement of the terminal . also improved thanks to the pre-configured virtual patrols , with the cameras and the quick search .
Infrastructure optimization with Streamvault appliances have helped TPS to optimize the infrastructure and support the huge data traffic within the port .
Cargo tracking and improved incident response time
Security Center Omnicast helps to detect abnormal movements in the yards , as well as the exact position or change in position of any container or truck . Operators can use the cameras to check if the trucks are located in the correct position and if the containers are moving to the right place , which translates to accurate cargo movement tracking .
In addition , as they are pre-installed with Security Center and tools to monitor the health of the system and updates , the installation and maintenance time is relatively short .
Beyond the perimeter security of the port , security measures for port workers are very strict . For example , the use of cell phones or smoking in the yards or in restricted areas is prohibited . With Security Center Omnicast , operators can quickly detect when these regulations are broken and take the necessary
If missing cargo is reported , operators can use the Security Center Omnicast quick search functionality to perform forensic camera searches and quickly track the movement of goods and cargo within the port .
Terminal Pacífico Sur in Valparaíso , Chile
Response and investigation time have
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