Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 10 - Page 45

The analysis also indicates that almost 40 % of companies continue to rely on mostly local structures , with their own servers and data centers . Therefore , there is nothing better than asking ourselves : How can we expand this market and use the real potential of cloud applications in companies ?
The first and most important step in comprehending this issue is understanding that each case requires unique assessments and designs . What works for one company is not necessarily the answer for another .
This is the great attraction of the cloud : although it is undeniable to say that there are no ready-made answers for anyone , it is also true to say that cloud computing is a field full of possibilities with endless ways to apply technologies to maximize operations , according to the real demands of each business .
The point is to evaluate the implementation well . It is necessary , among other things , to understand what information and processes are most critical , what type of availability is required and even what rules and legislation regulate the company data . Therefore , it will be easier to find safer and more efficient ways to harness the cloud potential .
In terms of planning and monitoring actions it is important because we should remember that technology itself won ’ t do anything : The success of an innovation strategy definitely depends on understanding the needs of the company , the critical points that need to be prioritized during a migration project and the observation of which technologies and features are truly suited to the project requirement .
Another important thing is to understand that the cloud and the local structure are not mutually exclusive . It is not a coincidence that companies of all areas are migrating their IT infrastructures to hybrid environments , combining data centers and onpremises services with cloud-based applications .
The IDC survey revealed that more than 40 % of companies intend to expand the mix of on-premises and cloud infrastructure solutions , seeking more flexibility and resilience for their business .
The main reason is the agility that the cloud offers . For example , more than 85 % of CIOs surveyed by IDC said that investing in cloud-based solutions and services is a priority , because the cloud helps accelerate the implementation of new capabilities that can be quickly provisioned , scaled and put to work .
The cloud is an interesting way to break old innovation cycles , accelerating and streamlining decision making with more collaboration , data analysis and intelligence – brought by advances in data and analytics , Artificial Intelligence , Big Data and Machine Learning that are
We should remember that technology itself won ’ t do anything .
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