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According to research by STL Partners and Vertiv , Why is Power Management Critical to 5G Success ?, it is expected that by 2026 , telecommunications networks will consume between 150 % and 170 % more than today .
I think it is a great opportunity to discuss the issue of energy efficiency before implementing 5G , that is , in the design stage of the network .
The 5G network and the network edge
The exponential growth of data traffic that we are experiencing today and that will continue in the coming years implies additional challenges for telecommunications operators . The Internet of Things and the increasing number of connected devices have a direct effect on rack temperatures due to increased data processing .
As edge applications have become increasingly essential to critical business operations , sites have become more resilient and sophisticated , with enterprise-grade availability requirements and remote monitoring and management capabilities . Telecom operators need to take this point into account to ensure that cooling solutions can reliably and safely support these sorts of critical needs .
Traditional data centers will probably not do enough to meet the speed needs for applications tied to constrained connectivity , virtual reality and high-performance computing running on the 5G network .
Gustavo Pérez , Sales Director for Named Accounts at Vertiv
Latin America
Therefore , microdata centers or data centers at the edge of the network that offer solutions for all kinds of applications are required . Other types of very compact , high-density solutions will be needed here to maintain the reliability that applications need .
Gustavo Pérez has been part of the Vertiv team since 1998 . On August 1 , 2021 , he was appointed Sales Director for Named Accounts at Vertiv Latin America . In his new role , he is in charge of aligning the named accounts structure with the organization ’ s strategy . In his 23 years with the company , he has held different leadership positions in the commercial section . Previously , he was Sales Director Telecom Mexico , Commercial Director Mexico and Sales Manager Telecom NOLA . During his professional career , he has collaborated with global companies such as Emerson Network Power and Marconi PLC , companies that he helped prosper on their path to Digital Transformation . He is a graduate of La Salle University as an Electrical and Electronic Engineer .
Governments : The key to the success of 5G
Central and local governments play a primary role in the successful implementation of 5G . They are crucial not only to prepare and launch bids and authorizations for new technologies but also to make new laws and modify existing legislation for the installation of 5G antennas .
Regulatory standards for telecommunications services in Latin American countries are outdated compared with the 5G network . They must be updated to guarantee service levels and ensure that operating companies do not sacrifice the quality of service in their race to compete .
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