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El Salvador is seeking support from cryptocurrency exchange Binance for its implementation of bitcoin as legal tender and the issuance of bitcoin bonds . Changpeng Zhao , CEO at Binance , praised El Salvador for taking on a pioneering role in the adoption of bitcoin and said Nayib Bukele , President of El Salvador , would be remembered in ‘ heroic ’ terms for its bold bet on the future . The country ’ s adoption of bitcoin has been beset by public skepticism about the cryptocurrency , which has depreciated substantially since hitting a record high in early November .
The state of Querétaro , in Mexico , is continuously attracting investments for the development of data centers in its territory , consolidating its position as a regional and global technological hub . This allows the Information Technology and technology industry in general to consolidate itself as an important economic stronghold for that region . Several companies such as Microsoft , General Electric , IBM , Samsung , Huawei and Equinix , among others , are supported by a triple helix vision that generates synergies between government , industry and academia . Thanks to this , Querétaro achieved S & P investment grade .



The Inter-American Development Bank ( IDB ) approved a new technology strategy for the country addressing two specific topics : Digitization and climate change . Regarding Digital Transformation , the strategy focuses on three areas : improving the business environment to enable Digital Transformation ; expanding the use of digital tools to improve educational outcomes and digital skills ; and improving service delivery . The commitment of this country to this initiative is demonstrated by the development of a government ministry dedicated to Digital Transformation , led by Pennelope Beckles .
OSIPTEL , the Peruvian telecommunications regulator , estimates that by the end of 2024 , Peru will have four million Internet connections and 1.6 million of them would be connections that use fiber optic technology to the home ( FTTH ), in a scenario in which regulatory measures have contributed to greater competitive dynamics in the market , the entry of new service providers and the increase in the supply of new technologies . Optical fiber benefits include higher speeds of up to 10 Gbps , noise immunity and a range of up to 20 km without the need for amplifiers . Furthermore , it is also a passive technology which does not need to be energized and has high maintenance savings .
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