Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 10 - Page 28


How to choose a learning management platform

Choosing a scalable learning management platform that meets the needs of an institution today and in the future is a decision that should be carefully considered and evaluated .

Ensuring that a potential platform follows the institutional goals , technology infrastructure and the requirements of an entire learning community , from teachers and administrators to traditional and non-traditional students , will increase the probability of a successful implementation . It will also promote teaching and learning .
On the other hand , a hastily chosen learning management platform can inhibit its use , restrict future integration and decrease return on investment .
Lastly , the platform must offer an open and extensible learning ecosystem that allows schools to create a digital learning environment that solves specific challenges from each one .
The following are six considerations to keep in mind when evaluating the best solution for the needs of an institution ’ s students and faculty as well as administrative and technological requirements .
Six key considerations for choosing a learning management platform
• Does the learning management platform facilitate engaging and dynamic learning experiences that meet the needs of different teachers and students ?
• Is it possible to scale the platform to accommodate changes in enrollment , staffing , funding , technology development and priorities over time ?
• Does it meet your security and reliability requirements ?
• Can you increase your institution ’ s ability to use data and knowledge to improve learning ?
• Can you test performance and capabilities ?
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