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SONDA expands its operations into the US

SONDA , a leading regional company in Digital Transformation services , has reported that it will expand its operations to the US , through the creation of a subsidiary called SONDA USA Inc .

This will seek to accompany its current global clients present in that country , as well as other potential clients in the US .
The company , with a direct presence in Argentina , Brazil , Chile , Colombia , Costa Rica , Ecuador , Mexico , Panama , Peru and Uruguay , reported that its operating base in the US will be in Dallas , from where it will target both large and medium-sized clients .
José Orlandini , Corporate General Manager ,
SONDA , said : “ We are sure that we have
world-class services and solutions ,
which allow us to accompany the Digital Transformation and innovation of our clients in all markets of the world , taking advantage of our experience in the region to enter a relevant market such as the US .
“ With this expansion we will have a direct presence in a highly dynamic market , in which we will maintain our focus on delivering competitive IT services and solutions . To achieve this , our strategy will focus on
identifying a specific niche of clients , who have operations in the US , who value our services and solutions and who seek to create a shared services hub taking advantage of SONDA ’ s presence throughout the rest of the continent .”

Thales provides the Civil Registry of Colombia with a solution for managing fingerprints

This easy-to-use scanner enables fast and reliable fingerprint capture by using its embedded processing and the details extracted to provide FBI PIV-certified identity authentication .
The device integrates advanced algorithms that support real-time fake finger detection and encryption of captured images to protect them against phishing , making it the best choice for security applications . The Registry may use finger readers to protect Colombian citizens ’ identity in a great variety of applications , such as banking , law enforcement , border control and physical and logical access control .

The National Registry of Civil Status of Colombia approved the Thales fingerprint scanner , which meets the requirements established by the Technical Annex version 2 of Resolution 5633 , which defines the primary conditions and security procedures to access the biometric database from the National Registry of Civil Status .

Jerome Copin , General Director for Andean countries , Thales , said : “ Thales is one of the few companies that meet the new requirements of version 2 of the Technical Annex of the resolution , and we are proud that the National Registry of Civil Status of Colombia has approved the Thales biometric solution to verify the identity of its citizens .”
“ With more than 200 biometric implementations in 80 countries around the world , Thales has a strong ability to adapt to new market requirements quickly and efficiently , and we are excited to start working in Colombia .”
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