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Free government Wi-Fi to benefit citizens of Guyana

The Government of Guyana , through the

Office of the Prime Minister ( OPM ), has started the installation process of 1000 free Internet access hubs across five regions .
Named ‘ The 1000 Hubs Project ’, the initiative , which is a collaborative effort between the Industry and Innovation Unit at OPM and the National Data Management Authority ( NDMA ), will result in thousands of citizens gaining from access to free Wi-Fi .
The hubs will be fitted with the 1000 Internet boxes ( LTE / WiFi CPE ) presented to the Government by Huawei , late last year .
During that presentation , Prime Minister Mark Phillips said that the donation will assist his government in its aim to bridge the digital gulf in Guyana .
The LTE boxes can transfer 4G networks outdoors at over 300 metres and just below
100 metres indoors to more than 100 users at a time .
The Government of Guyana has been supporting ICT development . At its recent budget , it was announced that US $ 1.3 billion will be allocated to support the rapid development of the ICT sector this year . The hubs are geared to complement the existing installation of ICT hubs in around 200 communities through the ICT Access and eServices for Hinterland , Poor and Remote Communities Project . These are also under the Prime Minister ’ s direct management .

Telefónica Tech joins the LACChain Global Alliance to promote Blockchain

Telefónica Tech , Telefónica ’ s digital business unit , has joined the LACChain Global Alliance , which is made up of different actors in the Blockchain environment and is led by the Innovation Laboratory of the Inter- American Development Bank Group ( IDB Lab ).

The focus of the members is to promote the significant adoption of this technology and
develop the Blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean .
The partnership includes the possibility for Telefónica Tech to have solutions in infrastructure and technological tools of the LACChain networks and connection with Blockchain entities and communities , organizations involved with LACChain , public and private entities and Blockchain communities in the region . This agreement is part of LACChain ’ s objective of accelerating the enablement and the adoption of Blockchain to promote innovation and aims to reduce economic , social , gender and other inequalities based on two main aspects : the community and the infrastructure .
José Luis Núñez , Head of the Blockchain Unit , Telefónica Tech , said : “ By joining the LACCHain Global Alliance , we seek to combine co-operation , collaboration and coordination with the Blockchain ecosystem to value the potential that this technology has in Latin America and the Caribbean .”
With the incorporation of Telefónica Tech , the LACChain Alliance counts on 57 allies in the Blockchain environment , supporting publicprivate partnerships and solutions based on this technology in 16 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean .
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