Intelligent CIO Kuwait Issue 5 | Page 27

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// FEATURE: CLOUD Kuwaiti customers use Focus Softnet’s solutions on the IZO Private Cloud platform scalability requirements, usage agility and the option of global delivery anywhere and anytime, which are now met by the IZO Private Cloud platform. Focus Softnet, a leading software development and enterprise applications provider, is partnering with Tata Communications, a leading global digital infrastructure provider, to host its cloud- based ERP solutions on the IZO Private Cloud platform. “We now have a single point of contact to support our ERP software solutions. With the cloud service, we know immediately if there is a problem and can quickly fix it remotely. There is no need for on-premise visits. Tata Communications’ enterprise-grade service and support and its global footprint were deciding factors in our decision to migrate to IZO Private Cloud platform.” Tata Communications’ IZO Private Cloud platform is enabling Focus Softnet to offer its cloud-based ERP solutions either as a public cloud SaaS solution or as a private cloud option. The company’s customers in Kuwait, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore, Prior to the migration to Tata Communications’ IZO Private Cloud platform, Focus Softnet was offering customers onsite perpetual licensing and was looking for a suitable partner for global hosting of its cloud-based Focus 9 application. With Tata Communications’ WE NOW HAVE A SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT TO SUPPORT OUR ERP SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS. Malaysia and India are using Focus Softnet’s solutions on the IZO Private Cloud platform. “We are proud to partner with Focus Softnet, which is moving its Focus 9 solution to our IZO Private Cloud, after Zain enters MoU with Dell Technologies to a successful proof of deliver innovative cloud services concept on the Tata Communications addition, as market and consumer demands cloud platform. During the six months evolve, telcos today are implementing of operations after start-up, Tata solutions that are easy to deploy and drive Communications has been actively helping down infrastructure costs and complexity. Focus Softnet onboard 40 plus new Dell Technologies’ Network Functions customers,” said Rajesh Awasthi, Associate Virtualization (NFV) solutions enable Vice President – Managed Hosting and Zain to access databases remotely in an Cloud Services, Tata Communications. intelligent, agile and secure fashion in a bid to further strengthen the service operator’s Ali Hyder, Group CEO of Focus Softnet, said: network infrastructure. “Customers globally have common demands such as flexible operational payments, IZO Private Cloud platform, Focus Softnet is able to offer customers in Kuwait scalability and agility with its cloud software licensing, which is a flexible pay-as-you-go model, and can deliver anytime, anywhere. Focus Softnet can now provide an end-to-end solution and round-the-clock support for its global customers. When new customers are onboarded, Tata Communications’ engineers work closely to understand their needs and size the IZO Private Cloud offering accordingly. Depending on the customer requirements, Tata Communications can offer either a dedicated virtual machine or shared cloud model. Due to its global reach, Tata Communications matched the requirement of having its cloud nodes closest to Focus Softnet’s customers, thereby reducing the latency or sluggishness of response to application refresh. Focus Softnet has adopted a multiple business cloud model from Tata Communications to offer the most stable and cost-effective cloud experience to its current and future global customers. n INTELLIGENTCIO 27