Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 65 | Page 46

Virsec offers five different layers of protection with host and file protection at its core .
Chuck Everette , Field CISO at Virsec

Virsec expert on the benefits of a Zero Trust architecture

There is no escaping the recurring news of devastating cyberattacks – not a week goes by without another high-profile hacking and another company scrabbling to repair the damage . With the attacks ever-changing , organisations are constantly scouting for the right strategy to keep threats at bay . Zero Trust has been on the radar of cybersecurity teams for many years , but it is currently in the spotlight more than ever . Chuck Everette , Field CISO at Virsec , discusses the benefits of a Zero Trust architecture , from implementation to patching vulnerabilities .


What common issues are we seeing with legacy systems and what challenges and costs are associated with supportive protection methods ?
The big thing right now with legacy systems is just that : they are legacy . Organisations often become complacent once they have a system in place . Typically , security is thought to have a very heavyhanded setup process and is disruptive to the company ’ s production , so these companies fall into the habit of having outdated protection , as it is easy . The problem is , with cyberthreats evolving at an incredible rate , you fast approach a point where it becomes exponential . Therefore , it is necessary to upgrade your technology . As such , when you procrastinate or refuse to update your systems , you become susceptible to attacks as your defences are designed to defend against extremely outdated landscape .
What are the consequences and impacts of cybersecurity attacks on an organisation ?
When you ’ re attacked , it ’ s not just the financial consequences you ’ re facing , but also the penalties of your employees ’ and customers ’ inability to access your resources . And even more importantly , when you ’ re attacked , your reputation is on the line .
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