Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 65 | Page 33



Quasar Finance has launched its mainnet , introducing a dedicated digital asset management Blockchain , allowing investors to manage their DeFi investments across multiple chains , enabled by the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol ( IBC ). Quasar aims to become the go-to decentralised asset management platform . It works by allowing investors to deposit funds into permissionless , non-custodial investment vehicles , known as ‘ vaults ,’ which are optimised to work across multiple Blockchains . Quasar ’ s innovation is to create a dedicated L1 to run vaults , unlocking specific features that would not be possible on general-purpose Blockchains . Quasar leverages this to give users more power to customise their investment profile and strategies , all while providing top-tier security and allowing users to connect to other Blockchains without any reliance on cross-chain bridges .


ChatCrypto , a Blockchain technology company , has just launched its new AIbased solution that connects the crypto market with AI . The company aims to revolutionise the crypto market by introducing cutting-edge technology and innovative Blockchain solutions that enhance user experience .


O2 Telefónica is continuing to expand its O2 network to ensure better mobile coverage throughout Germany . Having already met the coverage obligations of the Federal Network Agency at the turn of the year , as far as this was legally and factually possible , the provider is consistently continuing its comprehensive network expansion programme : O2 Telefónica is building new mobile sites , expanding its 4G / LTE network and bringing the fast 5G standard to more regions .


Sparkle , the first international service provider in Italy and among the top global operators , has announced the deployment of state-of-the-art technologies – supplied by Infinera and Nokia – on its global optical terrestrial and subsea networks to further enhance its offering and meet the surging market demand worldwide . With the deployment of C band + L band photonic nodes on the terrestrial links in Europe , Middle East and South America , Sparkle further increases its transmission capacity up to 38.4 Tb / s per fiber pair , thus providing high-performance , scalable and guaranteed connectivity services up to 800G per wavelength between key locations . The new technology will initially be deployed between 23 major Points of Presence ( PoPs ) in Europe over 12,465 km with the first link to connect Milan with Frankfurt .
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