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Adva Network Security protects TransnetBW ’ s communication network

That ’ s why the company chose the FSP 3000 optical platform with Adva Network Security encryption technology , which has been approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security ( BSI ).
This solution enables high-speed connections to be reliably and robustly protected , even against sophisticated cyberattacks . Planning and implementation of the highly secure infrastructure was carried out by Adva Network Security ’ s long-standing partner Syserso Networks , who will also provide ongoing support .

Adva Network Security has announced that TransnetBW has deployed its ConnectGuard encryption technology with the Adtran FSP 3000 optical transport solution to establish a highly secure communication network in its service area .

“ As a utility company and a critical infrastructure provider , we must comply with extensive and stringent security requirements . We also know that uninterrupted power transmission is of paramount importance to our partners . That ’ s why we chose Adva Network Security ’ s secure and reliable fibre optic transmission technology . When it comes to safeguarding our communication network , we can ’ t afford to compromise ,” said Michael Schick , Team Leader of Telecommunication Projects at TransnetBW .
As the operator of an electricity transmission grid in south-western Germany and a European interconnection partner , TransnetBW depends on the security and reliability of its communication network to ensure trouble-free operations .
“ It makes sense to us to ensure the most effective protection by safeguarding all traffic on the optical fibre . The approval of Adva Network Security ’ s solution by the independent experts of the BSI was another important factor for us .”

Wejo expands its fleet coverage with Premium German OEM Support

Wejo Group , a global leader in smart mobility for good cloud and software solutions , for connected , electric and autonomous vehicle data , has announced an expanded collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services GmbH .

The collaboration will enable Wejo to provide personalised connected vehicle data services for participating cloudconnected fleet vehicles in the EU . The data Wejo receives will be derived from participating Mercedes-Benz fleet vehicles and processed through Wejo ’ s ADEPT platform . This data will enable fleet management service ( FMS ) companies and telematics service providers ( TSPs ) to utilise data directly from embedded OEM hardware to support fleet services without aftermarket hardware .
Wejo ’ s collaboration and integration with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services is an important milestone in Wejo ’ s entrance into the fleet management market – anticipated at US $ 38 billion by 2024 .
Wejo is positioned to bring multi-OEM fleet data from a single source to FMS companies and TSPs whose customers primarily have mixed OEM fleets . Additionally , providing direct OEM data without aftermarket hardware gives access to richer datasets , reducing fleet downtime by eliminating hardware installs and the necessity for SIM management .
“ With Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services , we can deliver TSPs and FMS companies more data-driven , enhanced fleet management insights for their fleet customers and help improve safety and drive efficiencies on the roadways ,” said Benoit Joly , Chief Commercial Officer at Wejo .
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