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Beaming ISP reveals UK businesses face one cyberattack every minute

A quarter of these addresses ( 75,324 ) were traced back to China . Other countries identified as the source of many attacks included India , the US , Taiwan and Brazil .
Beaming ’ s analysis also revealed that devices connected to the Internet-of – Things were most frequently targeted , averaging 21,074 attempts per company . Additionally , businesses experienced an average of 4,301 attempts to breach their web applications in the first quarter of 2023 .

UK businesses faced an average of one cyberattack every minute in the first three months of 2023 , according to a report by Beaming , a business Internet service provider .

The company ’ s analysis of malicious web traffic shows that each business experienced 170,508 attempts to breach their online systems , on average , during this period .
The level of cyberattack activity between January and March was 2 % lower than the final three months of 2022 – the busiest quarter for cyberattacks on UK businesses since Beaming began tracking malicious web activity in 2016 .
Beaming identified 307,385 IP addresses used to launch cyberattacks on UK businesses from January to March 2023 .
“ The findings of this report highlight the growing need for businesses to take cybersecurity seriously and invest in robust systems to protect their online and IT assets ,” said Sonia Blizzard , Managing Director of Beaming . “ The threat of cyberattacks is not going away and businesses must be prepared to defend themselves against an increasingly sophisticated and persistent adversary .”

Nokia deploys multi-gig fibre broadband for Valoo in Finland

Nokia has announced it is deploying a 10G broadband network for operator , Valoo , in Finland .

The deal includes fibre access nodes for the central office and Nokia ’ s Altiplano broadband access controller , which includes software-defined access networking ( SDAN ) capabilities . The new network will connect 200,000 homes in and around 30 cities by the end of 2026 .
With Nokia ’ s Quillion chipset at the heart of the solution , the XGS-PON deployment is ready for 25G PON when Valoo wants to add more capacity . Quillion also means lower emissions .
“ With Nokia ’ s advanced Lightspan multi-gig fibre broadband solution we can provide our customers the best possible technology there is in the fibre world ,” said Tommi Linna , CEO at Valoo .
“ The solution enables us to deliver network connection to multiple customers using the same fibre and accelerate Internet connections up to 20 gigabit and beyond . With Nokia ’ s new Altiplano controller , we can bring advanced open-access network solutions to the Finnish market .”
Valoo ( Adola Oy ) is 100 % owned by DIF Capital Partners , an independent infrastructure equity fund controlling more than € 15 billion of investments globally . Valoo focuses on fibre broadband access and is undergoing large-scale fibre developments in the Finnish market . In February 2023 , the company announced that as well as building fibre networks it will offer Internet service subscriptions itself and make its network available to thirdparty operators .
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