Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 61 | Page 85

FINAL WORD have been significant data centre developments in the last decade , often in key districts where power , connectivity and water are in abundance .
Energy constraints have led both cities to take action on supplies and in Ireland , South Dublin County Council brought in a ban on new data centre connections , only for the government to order its reverse a short time later . Similarly , Ealing in West London was one of three boroughs to ‘ pause ’ developments due to energy constraints . to generate green , electrical energy by building in electrical generation capabilities .
This allows said operators to reduce reliance on the grid , or become entirely self-sufficient , with some creating microgrids in conjunction with on-site generation capabilities – be it hydro , solar , wind , or biofuels . Microgrids , for example , offer many benefits , including the ability to increase resilience , reduce costs and improve sustainability . This decentralised energy approach
New era
Data centres , however , are now entering a new era on two fronts . The climate change imperative is firstly driving rapid decarbonisation across the industry . More organisations are looking to reduce scope II emissions by transitioning to renewable energy sources ( RES ) and driving efficiencies within their critical infrastructure . Secondly , operators are moving from consumers to prosumers , seeking a viable means
Data centres are becoming a key part of the solution to the energy crisis and they will likely serve as a net zero template for other industries .
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