Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 61 | Page 77

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As cyberthreats continue to surge , it is crucial for organisations to uncover cybersecurity blindspots and establish a robust cybersecurity posture . Mohamed Ibrahim , Business Development Director for OT Cybersecurity at Trend Micro MEA , Technical Partner of TXOne Networks , tells us how organisations can ensure asset integrity with rapid , installation-free asset and device scans , allowing for defence of air-gapped environments and improved supply chain security .


What are the impacts of a security compromise on critical infrastructure like energy , transportation , healthcare , or government facilities ?
Cybersecurity is becoming a very hot topic in OT and we are observing an increase in incidents – be it in healthcare , manufacturing or oil and gas . Different verticals are using OT today ; as we see , cybersecurity is not a joke . For example , we see lots of ransomware hit customers in OT cybersecurity and what we are trying to provide at TXOne is to secure our customers ’ missioncritical OT environment . This is important because OT getting compromised is entirely different than IT , as we are talking about an economic crisis leading to total power shutdowns that can affect entire cities , including the health and safety of people . This is something we take very seriously as the consequences can affect many critical areas of a company ’ s operations .
What are the most dangerous hidden blind spots in organisations today that can cause production downtime and affect operational continuity and safety ?
The most dangerous hidden blind spots in organisations today can be any hidden device , segment or a simple USB stick . Any device not being recognised that isn ’ t well-known and detected on the network is considered a risk . Suppose we cannot visualise and detect our infrastructure , including what assets we are currently running and operating – in that case , anything unauthorised being connected inside our network could hit our investment , manufacturing and production . From previous attacks we ’ ve seen in the industry , hackers are using the legacy system we are still running today at our customer base .
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