Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 61 | Page 45

FEATURE : PRIORITIES FOR 2023 defined . However , through the use of cloud economics and FinOps principles , companies can achieve and maintain cost savings of up to 40 % for multi-cloud applications . Transparency and the correct allocation of technological costs can play a decisive role in cloud investments in order to identify necessary entrepreneurial measures and drive business changes . The focus must always be on future benefits . costs , understanding of value and the potential for optimisation . If the value that technology investments add to the business is not known , Digital Transformation cannot reach its full potential . Solutions like ITFM and the methodology of TBM give leaders a holistic view of the business and empower them to make a sustainable investment . p
Difficulty and complexity arise when the material costs , investments and services have to be put in relation to each other . In other words , when you actually want to consistently look at and evaluate the entire structure and impact services of IT as a business . Traditional cost allocation models , budget plans , reporting and analytics often turn out to be too rigid and fragmented to support agile transformation .
Transparency as an economic responsibility of CIOs
A transparent overview of costs is essential so that decisions can be made based on real
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