Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 61 | Page 26

TRENDING and engagement are expected to become the top incentives for data policy management orchestration , according to the research . increasingly apply data policy management controls to optimise the value of their data while rightsizing their risk appetite . This includes :
“ Data policy management today is often directly adding value to business outcomes ,” said Paige Bartley , Senior Analyst at S & P Global Market Intelligence ’ s 451 Research . “ Of course , data policy management controls are still actively motivated by evolving legal and regulatory needs , but businesses are now realising that proper implementation of these practices and supporting technologies can also facilitate the appropriate use of data , rather than just locking data down .”
Other key findings highlight the various challenges and motivations organisations face as they look to
• Organisations are investing in technology to streamline data policy enforcement and access control , but are going about it in different ways . Just over 40 % of respondents use custom or in-house technology to implement data access controls , while 28.8 % rely exclusively on a purchased solution or technology .
• Data policy management efforts are largely decentralised and often lack a clear chain of command . While chief information security officers ( CISOs ) are likely to be accountable for data policy enforcement , nearly one-third of respondents
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