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European businesses could unlock € 622 billion growth with Digital Transformation

must accelerate their plans if they are to facilitate these productivity gains and the employee engagement needed to trigger sustained growth .

Research released by Ricoh Europe has revealed that Digital Transformation could increase EU and UK GDP by 3.4 % over the next five years – equivalent to € 622 billion of growth .

The research , conducted by Opinium and analysed by CEBR on behalf of Ricoh Europe , polled 6,000 workers and 1,500 decisionmakers across the UK , Ireland , France ,
Germany , Italy , the Netherlands and Spain . It found that business leaders recognise the drain of time-intensive processes on their workforce , with 76 % making the automation of tedious tasks a core part of their Digital Transformation strategy .
But with the average worker currently spending almost a third ( 30 %) of their day on administrative tasks , businesses
Employees are clearly craving the right workplace technology to help them streamline activities and dedicate more time to fulfilling work . The majority ( 64 %) think they would bring more value to their company if they had access to the right technology , with 78 % of these welcoming automation tools as a means of reducing tedious tasks . Those that implemented automation software in the last financial year experienced an average productivity increase of 14 %. This marks a vital gain for businesses looking to remain competitive in markets that are subject to increasing turmoil .
The research also shows that a greater investment in the tools and systems employees are seeking can increase morale and reduce turnover .

Immuta survey reveals data security and access blindspots

Immuta has announced the findings of its third annual State of Data Engineering Survey , which highlights the top data engineering challenges and blind spots as organisations strive to become more data-driven .

The findings show the tangible impacts of these challenges , including the fact that 89 % of organisations report missing business opportunities because of data access bottlenecks .
The survey canvassed 600 data practitioners across the US and EMEA , representing a variety of public and private sector companies .
The need for organisations to be data-driven is more critical than ever in today ’ s business environment . However , the survey found that this isn ’ t yet a reality , as organisations reported only using an average of 58 % of their data in decision-making .
The report suggests that data security and access challenges are largely to blame , with most data professionals reporting a lack of visibility into data access controls and how they correlate with data security – 90 % admit they could improve their understanding of the association between the two .
“ As data moves from on-premises to the cloud , this clear disconnect between data security and access not only hurts organisations ’ data-driven initiatives and business outcomes , but also increases their risk of data leaks and breaches ,” said Matthew Carroll , CEO of Immuta .
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