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Regulations slowing down Digital Transformation for drug development companies global professionals with expertise in drug development or manufacturing to gauge where the market is heading over the next few years .

To overcome the challenges discussed and meet market demands , pharma businesses are prioritising initiatives that focus on ‘ operational agility and efficiency ’, However , just 44 % listed this among their top three strategic goals for their organisation ’ s Digital Transformation journey .

More than half ( 54 %) of professionals working for drug development companies or manufacturers say industry regulations are undermining their Digital Transformation ambitions , according to new research . Pharmaceutical manufacturers ( 57 %) are the most likely to suffer this impact , while just under half ( 49 %) of respondents from biopharma and biotechnology companies said regulations were undermining their transformation aspirations .

However , 46 % said that regulations do not undermine their Digital Transformation initiatives , which shows that attitudes are mixed . These are among the key findings of a study commissioned by Aspen Technology , which surveyed 400
“ Regulation may be slowing the march to digitalisation for some pharma companies , but the most innovative and forward-looking are proactively engaging with regulatory agencies ,” said Raman Bhatnagar , Vice President and General Manager at Aspen Technology . “ They are also boldly moving forward and using advanced technologies that drive a raft of benefits for their businesses and the wider community .”

EIB supports development of OVHcloud with a loan of € 200 million

The European Investment Bank ( EIB ), has granted OVHcloud , a European leader in cloud computing , dedicated funding for its investments in Europe .

This € 200 million credit facility demonstrates the EIB ’ s determination to actively support European digital players . This commitment is in line with the EU ’ s priorities for strategic autonomy in the field of new technologies .
Complementary financial resources for a key sector
In a booming market , OVHcloud intends to accelerate its international deployment with the opening of 15 new data centres by the end of 2024 in order to address new markets and new geographies and demonstrate its progress in terms of sustainable development . As such , 10 of these 15 new sites will open in Europe over the next 24 months .
This support actively contributes to the efforts undertaken by European public decision-makers to strengthen Europe ’ s strategic autonomy in its digital infrastructures and particularly in the key activities of research and development and production , in a market that may exceed that of telecoms by 2027 .
This first financing for a pure cloud player , for a maximum amount provided by the European Investment Bank ( EIB ), is intended to support the OVHcloud group ’ s expansion in Europe , where it is positioning itself as a champion of an open , reversible , transparent and federated cloud ecosystem , all the while promoting the full and complete sovereignty of users over their data .
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