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Hexagon and Fujitsu support Stuttgart ’ s urban Digital Twin project insights for optimising operations and making informed decisions for the future . The Digital Twin platform is based on Hexagon ’ s M . App Enterprise and Xalt | Integration , with Fujitsu providing the necessary cloud infrastructure service for the project .

Hexagon ’ s Safety , Infrastructure and

Geospatial division , and Fujitsu , have partnered to deliver a Digital Twin platform for Stuttgart , Germany , to support the city ’ s urban Digital Twin project .
The Civil Engineering Office will use the SaaS solution to visualise and analyse data from IoT sensors across the city to promote sustainability and enhance quality of life for the 600,000 residents of Stuttgart .
The solution will provide a common operating picture for monitoring sensor values , such as water quality , flood levels and parking space occupancy , enabling the city to derive
“ The needs of our residents are very important to us ,” said Jens Schumacher , head of IT , Stuttgart Civil Engineering Office . “ Stuttgart ’ s Urban Digital Twin project will provide our office with a vast amount of mobility and environmental data and the IoT analysis platform from Hexagon and Fujitsu will give us the ability to use that data to make smarter decisions for the good of our city .”
“ Stuttgart is an exemplary model of how cities can solve today ’ s most pressing urban challenges , such as sustainability , safety and mobility , through the use of real-time data analysis ,” said Maximillian Weber , Senior Vice President , EMEA , Hexagon ’ s Safety , Infrastructure and Geospatial division .

Data literacy to be the most in-demand skill for financial services sector by 2030

According to the report , Data Literacy : The Upskilling Evolution , developed in partnership with The Future Laboratory , the demand for data literacy skills comes at a time when employees report their use of data and its importance in decision-making has more than doubled over the past year . This has been most evident in the finance industry when compared to retail , healthcare , HR and manufacturing . As a result , both business leaders and employees ranked data literacy as the most in-demand skill in the sector by 2030 .

Employees working in the financial services and banking industry are at risk of being left behind if they do not develop data literacy skills , according to research from Qlik . The majority of C-suite executives ( 85 %) working in the industry believe that their staff would struggle in the future workplace without them .

“ Data literacy is not a nice to have , it ’ s a necessity and business leaders need to wake up to this ,” said Dr Paul Barth , Global Head of Data Literacy at Qlik . “ To gain competitive advantage and in many cases , stay alive in the uncertain economic climate we are in , all business decisions must be grounded in data .”
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