Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 6 - Page 38

EDITOR’S QUESTION Rather than restrict employees, it is important to educate them on what is likely a phishing scam or a malware-riddled piece of software and help them become the first line of defence. Businesses can also ensure they are avoiding major data breaches by having full visibility over what devices are connected to their network. Using systems that identify all devices on the network at any given time, like an IP address management system, can provide real- time visibility of anything connected to the company network. They can also secure their network through DNS security solutions that will alert them of any new assets or devices that are joining the system, so they can identify and block malicious activity quickly. Personal devices and consumer apps aren’t going to go away from the workplace. In fact, each year a new device will be on-trend and people will immediately want it on their desk. These will provide a whole new host of ways that make it much easier for cybercriminals to access company data. We are essentially making it easier for them each time we buy a new toy. But, the war is not lost. With the right solutions, companies can get ahead of their staff and protect networks no matter what new gadgets are suddenly connected to them.