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Nokia and MEXT collaborate on 5G private wireless in Turkey

The Technology Centre includes an ecosystem of more than 50 globally recognised technology providers , universities and institutions . Nokia will become a partner of MEXT and collaborate within this ecosystem , enabling 5G technology experience in the industrial context , although 5G is not currently commercially available in Turkey .

Nokia and MEXT , the Turkish Employers ’ Association of Metal Industries Technology Center , have announced that they are partnering to advance Digital Transformation of the Turkish industrial sector and enable the local ecosystem to jointly work on 5G private wireless innovation . Nokia will deploy its 5G private wireless Digital Automation Cloud ( DAC ) solution at the MEXT Technology Centre , connecting more than 10 manufacturing use cases on display and adding more .

MEXT is operating one of the world ’ s largest and most comprehensive Digital Transformation and capability building centres . Located in Istanbul , Atasehir , it supports Turkish industrial companies along their Digital Transformation journey towards Industry 4.0 .
“ It is our great pleasure to collaborate with MEXT in the context of digitalisation of the industrial manufacturing sector in Turkey , a key industry for the Turkish economy ,” said Ozgur Erzincan , Country Manager Turkey at Nokia . “ Although 5G is not yet a commercial reality in Turkey , there is a lot of interest from Turkish enterprises to explore the possibilities of 5G private wireless solutions . For us at Nokia , it is of utmost importance to support a local 5G vertical ecosystem and be the trailblazer in the Turkish Industry to leverage 5G for increased competitiveness .”

STACK Infrastructure connects data centre to Hafslund Oslo Celsio system for city-wide heat reuse

STACK Infrastructure ( STACK ), the digital infrastructure partner to some of the world ’ s most innovative companies and a leading global developer and operator of data centres , and Hafslund Oslo Celsio ( Celsio ), the district heating provider for Norway ’ s capital city , have successfully completed a one-year ramp-up and excess heat produced by STACK ’ s OSL01 data centre is now providing heat and hot water for up to 5,000 Oslo homes .

The idea to feed heat from STACK ’ s OSL01 data centre near the heart of Oslo into the city ’ s district heating system was first conceived in 2018 . Over the following years , the concept was tested and proven and a dedicated heat-exchange plant was built on STACK ’ s campus , where new insulated pipework and cooling coils were retrofitted to the data centre .
The partnership creates a circular economy for energy and STACK ’ s OSL01 data centre now exports around 3.5MW of heat energy into the Oslo district heating system , reducing Celsio ’ s alternative energy production by 25,000,000kWh ( 25GWh ). The use of excess heat in district heating frees green electricity for alternative uses , including for example electrification of the transport sector .
District heating is an important component of city infrastructure in Norway . The 60-mile thermal energy distribution system , operated by Celsio , efficiently shifts energy from areas with excess to areas in need .
The cooperation represents an invaluable new model as these systems are faced with growing demand but restricted energy resources . Retrofitting or designing facilities to reutilise excess heat enables data centres to optimise consumption and support local communities .
“ It is a great pleasure to see the collaboration with STACK come to fruition and I ’ m sure this is the first of several projects to come ,” said Knut Inderhaug , Managing Director , Hafslund Oslo Celsio .
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