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“ The entire 11:11 experience has been so positive ,” said Morgan . “ The team was remarkably helpful and supportive throughout the entire implementation process , from hearing and understanding our requirements to getting the solutions deployed quickly . We evaluated other cloud service providers , but they simply couldn ’ t meet our needs for global availability and compliance . It ’ s clear that 11:11 is recognised as an industry leader for a reason .”
Building true resilience with 11:11 Systems
When talking with Morgan , a single theme stands out : The importance of resilience . With today ’ s ever-shifting IT landscape , businesses , especially those with the global footprint of Dr . Martens , simply cannot afford to be caught off guard by vulnerabilities . That ’ s why , when evaluating potential cloud service providers , Morgan prioritised the ability to ensure resilience for Dr . Martens and its global network – in the face of hardware failure , increasing cyberthreats , IT skills shortages , supply chain delays and any other potential disasters .
In the end , 11:11 offered solutions designed to meet the highest possible standards for security , compliance , performance and availability , the combination of 11:11 Cloud Backup and 11:11 Backup for Microsoft 365 , served to modernise Dr . Martens infrastructure simply , cost-effectively and securely . With the cloud console , 11:11 ’ s unified management platform , Morgan is also afforded unmatched monitoring , control and visibility into the company ’ s workloads .
This , along with 11:11 ’ s dedicated on-boarding , support and account management teams , means Morgan and his team can be as hands-on or hands-off as their workflow dictates . “ 11:11 and its solutions don ’ t require a lot of hand-holding , or day-to-day management . That ’ s one of the reasons why we chose it . Before , if things were to go horribly wrong , it might have been a painful experience for us , especially with such a small team ,” said Morgan .
The ever-present threat of cybercrime
Perhaps the biggest threat to business resiliency today is , of course , cybercrime – which continues to skyrocket for organisations of all sizes and sectors around the world . Ransomware attacks , for example , are expected to impact a business , consumer or device every two seconds by 2031 , up from every 11 seconds in 2021 . Over that same time frame , the total global costs of ransomware are expected to increase from US $ 20 billion to a staggering US $ 265 billion . As attacks increase in frequency , size and sophistication , so too does the relevance of backup solutions that offer data multi-layered protection .
“ We take cybercrime very seriously , especially as our brand becomes more and more recognisable ,” said Morgan . “ 11:11 Cloud Backup provides that extra level of comfort and resiliency . If we were to get compromised , we know we ’ re in safe hands .”
With 11:11 , Dr . Martens boasts a truly modern and resilient Business Continuity strategy with the ability to protect its data from a wide range of external and





internal threats . The final piece to this strategy was 11:11 Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 , which helps fill the gaps in Microsoft ’ s limited retention policy .
While Microsoft 365 has transformed productivity in the workplace forever , it simply wasn ’ t designed with data protection in mind . That ’ s why Dr . Martens opted to increase the long-term data protection and retention capabilities for its more than 4,000 Exchange , SharePoint Online and OneDrive users .
“ While the Microsoft standard service is fine in terms of keeping data safe , we needed something that was going to offer us more functionality than the traditional default ,” said Morgan . “ 11:11 Backup for Microsoft 365 just works . It ’ s less about saving time and money on a day-to-day basis and more about improving the company ’ s overall level of service and resiliency .”
Morgan views Dr . Martens ’ commitment to promoting and ensuring security and resiliency with 11:11 as a reflection of the company ’ s ultimate commitment to its key stakeholders and supporters .
He concluded : “ Without the 11:11 Systems solutions in place , we would be carrying a much higher level of risk . We ’ ve now got the best of both worlds – the luxury of increased service quality and resiliency without the burden of expending precious time and management resources .” p
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