Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 59 - Page 23

Bonzheim , General Manager , ControlNET . “ Our Senior Application Engineer Chris Davis had deep knowledge of electrical systems . He understood how an electric power grid worked , and he could envision the integrated solution . When he created the graphic that tied together all these multiple systems – the majority not HVAC – it looked like one system . That vision was exactly what Whirlpool was looking for .”
The Whirlpool project represented a very complex building integration project on a fast-track schedule .
ControlNET had only four months to turn the project around . Pulling off the job required coordination of the Whirlpool facilities team , as well as mechanical contractors , electrical contractors , and the many equipment makers delivering their separate systems . The controls logic for 15 types of equipment from many manufacturers and diverse programming generations were orchestrated using the Niagara platform . ControlNET successfully implemented a centralized controls system and user interface , overcoming the challenges of different protocols and without calling in integration specialists skilled in one brand of proprietary controls software or another . p
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