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Mimi Keshani , COO and Co-founder , Hadean
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Mimi Keshani , COO and Co-founder , Hadean

wWhat first made you think of a career in technology ?

I ’ ve always loved making things so engineering of some kind was an obvious path . I ’ ve also always been fascinated by understanding the bleeding edge of what is possible which is why I studied nanotechnology – I wanted to harness newly discovered physical properties of materials to build tech that improves the quality of people ’ s lives . However , I realised that blue skies experimental research was decades away from real ‘ customer ’ products so pivoted into the fastermoving world of software and software start-ups and haven ’ t looked back .
What style of management philosophy do you employ with your current position ?
I prefer a high trust , high accountability style . In a start-up we move so fast and things change so frequently you don ’ t have time to micro-manage tasks and approach , so instead I focus on setting clear expectations and outcomes and trusting people to deliver . However , this is always under a lens of Andy Grove ’ s ‘ task relevant maturity ’ philosophy for delegation – and where someone hasn ’ t got the skills and experience we will work hard to develop that with
them . As the company grows , opportunity grows in all areas – this presents plenty of individual growth opportunities and those that excel are those that embrace change and adapt .
What do you think has emerged as the technology trend of 2022 and why ?
There has been a terrific surge of movement around the metaverse in 2022 . A lot of mainstream companies are now latching on to the fact that ‘ metaverse ’ is more than a buzzword and are giving serious attention to the business potential of a fully integrated , persistent ecosystem of interoperable applications that bridge virtual worlds with the physical world .
Ultimately , this is a technological revolution that companies will have to adapt to or get left behind , ushered in by novel technologies in the distributed computing and networking spheres , with applications
A lot of mainstream companies are now latching on to the fact that ‘ metaverse ’ is more than a buzzword .
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