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IDC predicts that there will be 55.9 billion connected devices by 2025 , generating 79.4ZB ( zettabytes ) of data from connected IoT devices alone .
of security because many of the games involve virtual economies and the trading of virtual currencies where fraud is a constant threat . For games developers there is a never-ending race to introduce new revenuegenerating games and features so they can stay ahead of the competition .
Despite their different needs , all three use cases demonstrate the demands that are now made on database applications and platforms if customer needs are to be met . From managing the sheer volume of data and ensuring that systems always have the necessary capacity to handle any load at any time , through to reliably storing data with automatic failover and preventing fraud in any scenario , modern data solutions are necessary in today ’ s fast-changing environment .
The message for firms is clear : data architecture should enable and support , not restrict progress and it must be optimised to analyse millions of events , billions of data points and petabytes of historical information in milliseconds . If we look at the direction of travel , what requires less than one terabyte of data today will likely need more than 30 terabytes in just 18 months .
For technology leaders and the C-suite to be prepared , they must factor in the importance of scaling infrastructure when planning and that includes the deployment of modern data platforms with predictable sub-millisecond performance . This is a non-negotiable scenario . Customer demands will only continue to grow and , regardless of industry sector , the need for speed is only going in one direction . It ’ s time for firms to act if they are to retain long-term loyalty and ensure business success . p
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