Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 57 - Page 87

Continuity in the face of any unexpected event . Here are three ways organisations can manage their data more cost-effectively .
1 : Explore data tiering data tiering is energy efficiency – and lower electricity bills – because you ’ ll be devoting less compute power to storage .
2 : Have a solid plan for data growth
All data is not created equal and is not equally valuable . If your goal is to save money , storing or backing up every scrap of data in your organisation is probably unnecessary . There is a lot of redundant data that does not need to be preserved long-term , such as system images or replaceable data .
When organisations invest in storage solutions , they don ’ t know how much storage they ’ ll need three , five , or 10 years later . If they don ’ t invest enough , they ’ ll have to go through the evaluation and budgeting process more often than necessary , which can be time-consuming and costly in and of itself . On the other
You should seek out storage solutions that provide capabilities like data tiering . This enables you to move the data you use less often to less-expensive storage levels . It also reduces storage costs while safeguarding your most valuable data .
With data tiering , you can confidently preserve and backup your essential data and spend less on storing the data you deem less important . A further upside of
Keep in mind that , as your business changes , the type of data you ’ re storing changes , as do the technologies in the market .
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