Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 57 - Page 77

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Chris Wall – Director of Sales at Rajant Corporation , discusses how a wireless mesh network and continuous mobile connectivity is enabling warehouse operators to meet growing fulfilment demand and the likes of mobile robots , devices and automated equipment can help augment worker productivity , automate difficult processes and optimise the accuracy of repetitive and high-volume tasks that are common in warehouses every day .

With many people shopping online , which only heightened during the Coronavirus pandemic , warehouse growth continues to climb . By 2025 , Europe ’ s e-commerce segment is forecast to reach almost US $ 570 billion . It is abundantly clear that the pace of warehouse production is evolving and therefore , more innovative processes and operations need to be adopted .

A solution that can connect warehouse assets and autonomous systems using minimal infrastructure is paramount everywhere they roam .
This growing demand continues to trend upwards and therefore , only by harnessing the most optimal and reliable next-generation technologies can operations thrive . By becoming more efficient and productive , operators can transform operational effectiveness and generate increased Return on Investment ( RoI ). This is why many modern warehouse operators turn to advancing applications like robotics and automation for their everyday operations .
Traditional Wi-Fi falls short
Operators may have a host of interference concerns when outfitting their warehouses with network
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