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COUNTRY FOCUS : ISRAEL ael confirms evelopment

the chances of detecting such an event in real-time were slim . event ’ s location with high accuracy and aim more telescopes at it .”
The proposed solution was ULTRASAT : a widefield space telescope that can take images of a comparatively large part of the sky at any given time . It can also detect ultraviolet ( UV ) radiation emitted by stars .
“ There are many wide-field sky surveys , but there are none in ultraviolet radiation ,” said Dr Yossi Shvartzvald , a scientist at the Weizmann Institute of Science involved in the ULTRASAT Project . “ This telescope is spearheading real-time astronomy . Thanks to the advanced technology and the instant communication , we can , within 15 minutes of identifying a transient event by the ULTRASAT telescope , determine the
ULTRASAT is set to launch in 2025 .
Rohde & Schwarz opens subsidiary in Israel
Rohde & Schwarz develops , produces and sells innovative information and communications technology products for professional users . The privately-owned company has an extensive sales and service network in over 70 countries .
For the last 20 years , a local distribution partner successfully represented Rohde & Schwarz in Israel . The establishment of an Israeli subsidiary is now
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