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These challenges demonstrate exactly why it is now more critical than ever that CIOs maximise the potential of their technology investments . In acknowledgement of this , UiPath recently announced its inaugural CIO Automation Council , comprised of pioneering and innovative CIOs from across multiple industries . The Council is part of UiPath ’ s broader focus around the CIO , including a CIO Industry Practice dedicated to delivering value to CIOs through education , networking and thought leadership . It endeavours to accelerate automation maturity through sharing best practices ; identifying new business objectives and market needs for automation ; and establishing industry benchmarks and provide input to guide industry regulation .
Pressure has never been higher on CIOs to prove the value of their investments . So , how can they ensure they are investing in the right technology and what role does automation play in it ?
Automation offsetting the impact of labour shortages smarter , not harder and foster greater organisational output . Executives can even leverage automation software to assist with hiring itself . UiPath found that 58 % of executives cited higher rates of onboarding and offboarding as one of the top challenges their companies are experiencing in response to labour shortages , and they named disrupted workflows as a consequence of those challenges .
Automation can make operations across the business more effective , from IT to the likes of finance and HR . This helps employees to manage the increasing operational demand with limited capacity . Our research also found a total of 86 % of executives surveyed believe automation will enable their employees to focus on more creative work and spend less time on mundane , repetitive , time-consuming tasks . If it is not already , this highlights exactly why automation tools must be at the top of any CIO ’ s priority investment list .
How employee experience helps retain top talent
The recent UiPath survey of business executives revealed 78 % are likely to invest more in automation to offset the impact of the labour shortage . In addition , a report by IDC predicts that by next year , 60 % of CIOs will be primarily measured for their ability to co-create new business models and outcomes through extensive enterprise and ecosystem-wide collaboration .
Business leaders have flocked to automation tools in recent years to empower their workforces to work
In addition to labour shortages , 74 % of surveyed executives admitted to struggling to attract new talent
Automation tools must be at the top of any CIO ’ s priority investment list .
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