Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 57 - Page 46

Closer inspection shows the role has become tougher than ever in 2022 .
Jagjit Dhaliwal , VP Global CIO Industry Leader , UiPath

Automation as a strategic imperative to CIO priorities

The role of the CIO has changed somewhat and the pressure for them to prove the value of their investments has never been higher . Jagjit Dhaliwal , VP Global CIO Industry Leader , UiPath , discusses how CIOs can ensure they are investing in the right technology and how automation plays a key role in addressing the difficulties businesses are facing , including the Great Resignation and labour shortage .

If you are not close to the role , you would be forgiven for presuming the types of challenges faced by the modern CIO haven ’ t changed too drastically . Finding and retaining top talent , instilling a friendly but efficient work environment and bolstering security are tasks CIOs have long been judged by and continue to be .

However , closer inspection shows the role has become tougher than ever in 2022 . While CIOs pursue Digital Transformation , they are facing macroeconomic conditions such as inflation , supply chain disruption and labour shortages that are making their roles significantly more trying . This coupled with the need to continuously demonstrate that the technology they ’ re investing in is adding value to the business and delivering nearly immediate RoI , all the while budgets are being squeezed .
Not only this , but CIOs are also facing the unprecedented challenges of the Great Resignation . A recent UiPath survey uncovered its impact , discovering that 58 % of UK office workers don ’ t know what their responsibilities are anymore due to coworkers resigning . As a result , 43 % say they would consider resigning from their jobs in the next six months . And if that wasn ’ t alarming enough , the country is facing a digital skills shortage , with a government report finding that nearly half of UK companies are struggling to recruit for roles that require hard data skills .
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