Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 57 - Page 31

INFOGRAPHIC updated consumer views towards digital identity while uncovering thoughts on the role of digital identity across sectors .
Respondents consist of 8,000 consumers , equally represented in the UK , US , Singapore and Mexico . The in-depth research explored regional differences among consumers as well as their views on the use of digital identity in the healthcare , financial services , gaming , age-restricted sites , retail and sharing economy sectors .
The results of the research shed light on the impact of the increasing use of digital identity on consumer preferences and expectations . The research found that over half ( 57 %) of consumers across the globe now have to use their digital identity ‘ constantly ’ or ‘ often ’ to access their online accounts following the pandemic .
With this , a key finding of the research is that 80 % of consumers prefer identity verification measures when choosing online brands . Therefore , verifying a digital identity may be just as important as verifying a driver ’ s license or other proof of identity document when it comes to ensuring online safety and security .
Three key findings related to digital identity in 2022
Jumio ’ s Digital Identity in 2022 Global Consumer Research has much to offer for organisations that require identity verification for onboarding or authentication . Here are three findings it found relevant to just about any organisation operating online :
The use of digital identity is on the rise following the pandemic . 57 % of respondents say they often have to verify their digital identity .
Banks are ahead of the curve with robust identity verification . Gambling and social media sites are lagging behind . Consumers are increasingly confident that banks are actively implementing robust identity verification solutions . They don ’ t feel the same way about gambling and social media sites .
Business use of digital identity verification addresses consumer concerns . There are clear opportunities for businesses to use and promote robust identity verification measures in order to respond to consumer concern . p
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