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UiPath announces CIO Automation Council to identify trends and advance democratisation of automation

UiPath , a leading enterprise automation software company , has announced its inaugural CIO Automation Council comprised of pioneering and innovative CIOs from across industries . Together with leaders from UiPath , the CIO Automation Council endeavours to accelerate automation maturity through sharing best practices ; identify new business objectives and market needs for automation ; and establish industry benchmarks and provide input to guide industry regulation . The Council is part of UiPath ’ s broader focus around the CIO , including a CIO industry practice dedicated to delivering value to CIOs through education , networking and thought leadership .

“ The CIO Automation Council is designed to deepen relationships that help propel the automation industry and strengthen the CIO ’ s influence both within and outside their organisation ,” said Bobby Patrick , Chief Marketing Officer at UiPath . “ The CIO Council members are visionary leaders who will contribute tremendous insights that will directly benefit their peers . We are taking an outcome-based approach to help CIOs realise the possibilities of automation to solve complex enterprise challenges .”
CIOs are critical decision-makers on enterprise solutions and are responsible for maximising return on technology investments . While CIOs pursue digital modernisation , reducing technical debt and enhancing IT governance and security , they are also facing macroeconomic conditions such as inflation , supply chain disruption and labour shortages that add difficulty to their roles .
In fact , a recent UiPath survey of business executives revealed 78 % are very or somewhat likely to invest more in automation to offset the impact of the labour shortage . In addition , a report by IDC predicts that by next year , 60 % of CIOs will be primarily measured for their ability to co-create new business models and outcomes through extensive enterprise and ecosystem-wide collaboration .
Among the topics the CIO Automation Council will seek to address are expanding and strengthening citizen development and communicating with workers to identify new automations ; improving the employee experience through automation to retain talent and attract new talent ; and understanding how low-code and AI capabilities can take on more advanced use cases with high business impact . p
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