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the existing tools and applications that we use in various markets and should deliver synergies across those markets . We have products that we offer across those markets and are very similar , and in the past we used to have a single tool usage for each of those markets . We decided to create a unified platform where we can offer our products to our customers – so one of the key benefits that I ’ m looking for personally is synergies and definitely faster time to market .
Can you outline some of the challenges you face as the CIO of an international financial institution and how you tackle these ? not only me but I believe any other leader – is a shortage of talent . We operate now mainly in southeast Asia and to find and retain key talent becomes a real challenge that we face on a daily basis . I ’ ve been travelling recently to Indonesia and Vietnam to have a sit down with HR , our leaders and my IT counterparts to see how we can tackle this issue . Without people in general , we cannot deliver what we promise to the business . So people is definitely an issue – a shortage of key talent for the market .
How do you ensure compliance with GDPR regulations across the organisation ’ s various regional markets ?
There are lots of challenges and the pandemic didn ’ t help . I think one of the key challenges we face – and
As you know , we are a financial institution and highly regulated in most of the markets . As we are
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