Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 56 - Page 46

CIOs need to articulate the value of IT and power business transformation in order keep their leadership on board .
Peter Schoepf , Vice President of Strategic Sales
DACH at Serviceware

Rise of the rockstar CIO : How CIOs can drive business transformation for today and tomorrow

The changing role of the CIO has become widely discussed as expectations of them are now far beyond what they once were pre-pandemic . Peter Schoepf , Vice President of Strategic Sales DACH at Serviceware , discusses how the new CIO can achieve and maintain ‘ rockstar ’ status by utilising their expertise and embracing a holistic view of the business .

As the new rockstars of the business , CIOs are increasingly taking their well-earned place on centre stage – the boardroom top table – to offer their advice and expertise to steer transformation . But what ’ s the secret to their stardom ? Transparency plays an increasing role in enabling CIOs to rise to the upper echelons , to engage leadership and generate buy-in from the board when it comes to driving business change . The virtue of this transparency is that CIOs are then agile enough to establish a clear steering model with an accurate understanding of cost , value and optimisation potential , allowing for investment decisions that deliver returns for the business . CIOs can become the rockstars of the business world through sharing their direction and vision via this transparency to take the business on a transformative journey . Indeed , it is excellent leverage for them to be able to save or shift costs around for the purposes that matter the most .

A comprehensive IT Financial Management ( ITFM ) solution can assist CIOs and businesses with achieving
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