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We take a look at the findings of a report published by the EU Agency for Cybersecurity which delve into the cybersecurity of Open RAN . We hear how to mitigate risks associated with this and how to leverage potential opportunities of
Open RAN .

EU Member States , with the support of the European Commission and ENISA , the EU Agency for Cybersecurity , recently published a report on the cybersecurity of Open RAN . This new type of 5G network architecture will , in the coming years , provide an alternative way of deploying the radio access part of 5G networks based on open interfaces . This marks another major step in the coordinated work at EU level on the cybersecurity of 5G networks , demonstrating a strong determination to continue to jointly respond to the security challenges of 5G networks and to keep abreast of developments in the 5G technology and architecture .

EU citizens and companies using advanced and innovative applications enabled by 5G and future generations of mobile communication networks should benefit from the highest security standard . Following up on the coordinated work already done at EU level to strengthen the security of 5G networks with the EU Toolbox on 5G Cybersecurity , Member States have analysed the security implications of Open RAN .
“ Our common priority and responsibility is to ensure the timely deployment of 5G networks in Europe , while ensuring they are secure ,” said Margrethe Vestager , Executive Vice President for A Europe Fit for the Digital Age . “ Open RAN architectures create new opportunities in the marketplace , but this report shows they also raise important security challenges , especially in the short term . It will be important for all participants to dedicate sufficient time and attention to mitigate such challenges , so that the promises of Open RAN can be realised .”
Thierry Breton , Commissioner for the Internal Market , added : “ With 5G network rollout across the EU , and our economies ’ growing reliance on digital infrastructures , it is more important than ever to ensure a high level of security of our communication networks . That is what we did with the 5G cybersecurity toolbox . And that is what – together with the Member States – we do now on Open RAN with this new report . It is not up to public authorities to choose a technology , but it is our responsibility to assess the risks associated to individual technologies . This report shows that there are a number of opportunities with Open RAN but also significant security challenges that remain unaddressed and cannot be underestimated . Under no circumstances should the potential deployment in Europe ’ s 5G networks of Open RAN lead to new vulnerabilities .”

Cybersecurity of 5G networks : EU publishes report on the security of Open RAN

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