Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 56 - Page 30


Global organisations concerned digital attack surface is spiralling out of control

Trend Micro , a leader in cloud security , has announced the findings of a new global study indicating that organisations are struggling to define and secure an expanding cyberattack surface , hampering risk management efforts .

The study revealed that three-quarters ( 73 %) of global organisations are worried about their growing attack surface . Over a third ( 37 %) said it is ‘ constantly evolving and messy ,’ with only half ( 51 %) able to fully define its extent . Over two-fifths ( 43 %) of respondents went further , admitting the digital attack surface is ‘ spiralling out of control .’
Visibility challenges appear to be the main reason organisations are struggling to manage and understand cyber-risk in these environments .
Almost two-thirds ( 62 %) said they have blind spots that hamper security , with cloud environments cited as the most opaque . On average , respondents estimated having just 62 % visibility of their attack surface .
These challenges are multiplied in global organisations . Two-thirds ( 65 %) of respondents claimed that being an international enterprise that spans multiple jurisdictions makes managing the attack surface harder .
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