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Quest Software research finds data quality core to governance

Enterprise Strategy Group ( ESG ), has released the 2022 State of Data Governance and Empowerment report . This is an annual report highlighting the top challenges and innovations in data governance , data management and DataOps .
The report found that data quality has overtaken data security as the top driver of data governance initiatives , with 41 % of those surveyed agreeing that their business decision-making relies fundamentally on trustworthy , quality data .
At the same time , however , 45 % of IT leaders say that data quality is the biggest detractor from ROI in data governance efforts . While they recognise its importance , they ’ re struggling to improve the quality of their data and thus the ability to strategically leverage data in practice .
“ Business users at all technical levels have an edge when they have full visibility into , control over and confidence in their data ,” said Patrick Nichols , CEO of Quest Software .

Quest Software , a global systems management , data protection and security software provider , in collaboration with the

“ Trustworthy data and efficient data operations have never been more influential in determining the success or failure of business goals . When people lack access to high-quality data and the confidence and guidance to use it properly , it ’ s virtually impossible for them to reach their desired outcomes .”

umlaut launches Open RAN private network to accelerate development of connectivity solutions for clients

umlaut , part of Accenture , has opened a private 5G standalone ,

Open RAN network in Aachen , Germany . The ‘ 5G Campus Lab ’ enables companies across industries to design , test and implement ultra-high-speed and low-latency connectivity solutions faster without having to invest in building their own network .
Powerful wireless connectivity is becoming increasingly important as companies are heading towards a total enterprise reinvention , which will transform every part of their business through technology , data and Artificial Intelligence . Some examples of this transformation include connected vehicles and bringing robotics and cloud-based automation solutions to factories , which will generate massive amounts of data and put enormous pressure on data networks .
The 5G Campus Lab offers the following capabilities and services :
• Companies can validate their existing 5G use cases to identify and resolve issues upfront , such as ensuring that different end-devices and sensors work smoothly together . They can go hands-on without having to set up their own private 5G networks , which are costly to build and usually require obtaining a license from network authorities .
• Companies can experiment with umlaut ’ s use cases . These include but aren ’ t limited to the following areas : smart manufacturing , including process automation and predictive maintenance ; telemedicine with a digitised rescue chain ; software-defined vehicles ; and real-time Augmented Reality for digital twins .
• With its holistic engineering and industry expertise , umlaut helps companies develop and deploy new individual 5G use cases , which leverage best-of-breed technologies , apply security-bydesign and support energy efficiency .
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