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Deutsche Telekom and Google Cloud sign partnership agreement

Deutsche Telekom and Google Cloud have announced a new expanded partnership to define a joint roadmap for the telecommunications industry by bringing the power of the cloud closer to mobile and connected devices at the Edge of Deutsche Telekom ’ s network .

Communication service providers are reimagining their network infrastructures with companies like Google Cloud to develop new network deployment models . By creating more secure , reliable and scalable cloud-native networks , companies like Deutsche Telekom are better positioned to deliver elastic , high-capacity , high-bandwidth and low-latency connectivity and value-added services to their customers .
even-deeper understanding of its networks to achieve accurate planning , optimised operations and better customer experience management . Deutsche Telekom will pilot several use-cases regarding anomaly detection , performance counter and trace data in a first step in utilising data-driven operations and automated workflows with open , Kubernetes-based solutions offered by Google Cloud .
• Customer Experience Analytics : Deutsche Telekom will trial Google Cloud ’ s data analytics , Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and Machine Learning ( ML ) solutions in a joint proof of concept in order to improve actionable insights and better understanding of customer needs and optimise offerings .
The partnership will focus on :
• Core Network Services : Deutsche Telekom and Google Cloud will jointly pilot several network services such as 5G Standalone in Austria , as well as remote packet gateway functions , leveraging Google Cloud and Google Distributed Cloud Edge , a fully managed product that brings Google Cloud ’ s infrastructure and services closer to where data is being generated and consumed .
• Network Analytics : Through Google Cloud ’ s extensive expertise in data analytics , Deutsche Telekom will gain an

PROS drives revenue acceleration across the Lufthansa Group Airline Network

PROS , a market-leading provider of

SaaS solutions optimising shopping and selling experiences , has announced Lufthansa Group has chosen PROS as the foundational technology for its Revenue Accelerator Program . In doing so , Lufthansa will align its seven full-service airline networks into a single instance of PROS Revenue Management ( RM ) and PROS Real Time Dynamic Pricing ( RTDP ) solutions designed to maximise revenue across every seat , on every flight , every day . PROS proven , industry-leading AI will provide accurate forecasting and offer optimisation for unprecedented visibility and unified continuous pricing across Lufthansa ’ s operations .
“ It is critical for Lufthansa to have an RM system that adapts and reacts in real-time , providing accurate demand forecasts and creating optimal offers ,” said Marcus Frank , Lufthansa Group Vice President Commercial
Offer & Revenue Management . “ Migrating to PROS latest RM and RTDP for the entire Lufthansa Group in a single instance allows Lufthansa Group to have a uniform business process and workflow within all network airlines of the Lufthansa Group .”
Within the PROS Platform for Travel , Lufthansa Group will utilise Revenue Management and Real Time Dynamic Pricing solutions , enabling it to create and sell accurate , real-time offers by delivering the right price for each traveller and their travel needs . With advanced forecasting and intuitive , unified workflows , Lufthansa can harness the power of PROS market-leading capabilities for deeper insights and unified , continuous pricing across its seven brands designed to capture more market share and grow revenue . The solution is highly scalable , ensuring it will grow with Lufthansa Group over time .
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