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Mambu enters strategic partnership with Visa

Both companies recognised the importance of interconnectivity to meet the growing demand of FinTechs along with incumbent financial institutions . Mambu is developing an integration to Visa DPS that will give institutions more flexibility in offering new card products and services to their customers .
Kevin Trilli , Chief Product Officer at Mambu , said : “ Customer demand for card services is growing rapidly , whether it is incumbent financial institutions or FinTechs .
“ Strategic partnerships and interoperability of service providers offer the best value , choice and flexibility for clients , whether they are embarking on Digital Transformation or scaling a new card program . This is a major step to bringing more simple , transparent and connected services to any company offering financial services .
“ We ’ re creating an opportunity for our customers to transform , scale and achieve operational excellence with this integration .

Mambu , a leading cloud banking platform , has announced a global partnership with Visa in order to utilise Visa DPS – one of the largest processors of Visa debit transactions globally .

“ Institutions can create their unique customer payment card experiences on Mambu , regardless of whether it is a deposit or loan account and get it rapidly to market .
The partnership will give Mambu customers a seamless connection to Visa DPS for end-to-end card issuing and processing .
“ They can then leverage the issuer processing capabilities of Visa DPS to deploy new products and solutions for their customers .”

Nokia and Orange France deploy Passive Optical LAN solution over 20 sites

Nokia has announced it is deploying a Passive Optical LAN ( POL ) solution for Orange over 20 sites in France including the new Orange Headquarters , Bridge , in Issy-les-Moulineaux near Paris . The POL solution replaces the existing copper-based LAN , connecting more than 5,000 endpoints including Wi-Fi and hard-wired terminals . to have been selected by Orange for this important project ,” added Stephane Azoulay , Nokia Head of Orange France Account .

The Nokia Optical LAN enables Orange to deliver superior user experiences and offers a low-energy solution for in-building and campus connectivity . The fibre-based networking solution delivers long-term value and can be easily and cost-efficiently upgraded to increase speed and capacity .
Security is baked into Optical LAN with built-in encryption and central control as all intelligence of the network resides in the optical line terminal and none at the user endpoints .
“ Moving to POL for our intra office connectivity can save significant energy costs and reduce emissions which is essential to help Orange meet its ambitious environmental goals ,” said Philippe Gacougnolle , Orange France Director of the Internal Network Domain .
“ Switching from traditional LAN to POL technology means a more compact solution , with less energy consumption and much better performance proving the best possible user experience . We ’ re proud
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