Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 54 - Page 85

FINAL WORD strategy . Market intelligence firms agree hybrid will continue to grow rapidly . MarketsandMarkets , for example , predicts demand for hybrid cloud will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 17 % into next year ( 2023 ).
Simon Michie , CTO , Pulsant
Increasingly complex hybrid infrastructure needs careful management
Yet as organisations expand their adoption of hybrid cloud , its complexity can make achieving effective management more difficult . Companies easily lose sight of their data and workloads and are unable to keep an eye on costs accumulating through complicated fee structures . In the Thales 2021 Data Threat Report , for example , only 24 % of organisations responding said they had complete knowledge of where their data is stored .
It is too easy for enterprises to misjudge charges they might incur such as data egress fees . Traditional direct connectivity can rack up the costs quickly due to longterm contracts and static bandwidth fees based on maximum throughput .
Right-sizing can be difficult
As they struggle to keep track of their data and applications , organisations find right-sizing cloud deployments for maximum efficiency is tough , especially where IT teams lack experience .
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