Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 54 - Page 84


Hybrid cloud can put companies into the jet stream of Digital Transformation

Simon Michie , CTO , Pulsant , discusses how he thinks hybrid is set to underpin Digital Transformation initiatives and enable organisations to benefit from huge gains in performance and profitability .

Hybrid cloud was once only seen as a half-way house on the road to full deployment with the major hyperscalers . Now , however , it is increasingly regarded as a destination that if properly managed , provides a platform for Digital Transformation .

Many organisations with a wide range of data types and applications are attracted to hybrid ’ s flexibility . Instead of consigning every workload to a third-party data centre , these organisations want to retain their most sensitive information on-premises in or in a private cloud . They may have specific data sovereignty concerns or rely on applications that cannot work on public cloud operating systems . Refactoring applications is lengthy and expensive and often more cost and trouble than it ’ s worth .
A hybrid cloud strategy allows businesses to place data and applications where they work best , whether on-premises , in private cloud colocation data centres or with cloud providers , including hyperscalers . They can accelerate their use of newer , revenue-generating applications born in the cloud , retaining business-critical applications on-premises . Businesses can use applications specific to individual vendors without fear of being locked-in or compelled to comply with vendormandated changes in technology .
This flexibility and freedom is why analysts at Gartner estimate three-quarters of medium-sized or large companies have already adopted a hybrid or multi-cloud
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