Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 54 - Page 77

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Business leaders are constantly looking for tools which enable them to operate more innovatively , and with Edge Computing this is possible . Fred Lherault , Field CTO , EMEA , Pure Storage , draws attention to some of the key benefits of Edge Computing , such as Business Continuity and increased reliability , and why they should invest to avoid being left behind .

Data has become the engine of progress . Private enterprises use it to optimise experiences , enhance operations , improve customer services and invent new business models . Governments use it to build the cities of the future , to plan for the consumption of utilities and energy resources and to manage crises such as the COVID pandemic .

But centralised repositories for data are becoming obsolete and legacy approaches for accessing insights will not work for future-minded organisations . Forwardthinking organisations should be planning at the Edge because it is where the data is created . Those that do not invest in the Edge risk being left behind by these new environments . According to Gartner , 91 % of data is now processed in data centres , either in the cloud or onpremises . But the analyst firm predicts that by 2025 , the balance will have shifted to the Edge , where 75 % of all data processing will take place . It ’ s clear that now is the time to invest in Edge Computing capabilities . Here are five reasons why organisations should do this today .
1 . Faster response times
Edge Computing architecture places apps , data and resources closer to where data is generated . Processing occurs at the outer reaches of an organisation ’ s environment instead of forcing data to make a trip ‘ back to base ’, which may be a data centre that is hundreds , if not thousands , of miles away .
By enabling data to be stored at the Edge , organisations get faster response times and can more easily deliver real-time insights . Applications at the Edge will then be able to distil , process and visualise data , displaying rich , actionable information on the spot .
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