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Vodafone Portugal awards Mavenir cloud-native Converged Packet Core

Vodafone Portugal – a leading telecom provider in Portugal – and Mavenir – a network software provider building the future of networks with cloud-native software – have announced that Vodafone Portugal will be using the MAVcore solution for its fully containerised Converged Packet Core network after the selection of Mavenir as strategic 5G Converged Core supplier .

The MAVcore family includes Mavenir ’ s Converged Packet Core and Policy Control solution delivering a next-generation modernised data network . The MAVcore solution will allow the transformation to a containerised and automated cloud-native network – providing the flexibility for future mobile network evolution , including the launch of disruptive and innovative 5G Stand Alone applications for Vodafone customers in Portugal .
“ Mavenir has been working with Vodafone Group across various projects and we are delighted to now be part of their nextgeneration Converged Packet Core network under the Spring 3 Cosmos programme ,” said Stefano Cantarelli , Chief Marketing Officer , Mavenir . “ We look forward to transforming Vodafone Portugal ’ s existing network into a dynamic , agile , fully automated for simplified operation and cloud-native based platform .”
The 5G Converged Packet Core solution is designed with cloud-native containerised techniques providing a fully scalable and virtualised network architecture . The solution uses software running on commercial offthe-shelf ( COTS ) hardware that provides cost-effectiveness , flexibility and agility .
Mavenir Converged Packet Core with multi-access support ( 2G , 3G , 4G , 5G ) allows Communication Service Providers
( CSPs ), like Vodafone , to plan for future growth and a greater focus on security and reliability . It simplifies network transformation and enables operational efficiencies with complete automation .
“ The industry defines several steps for 5G , but it is the second step , the 5G tand Alone Core , that brings the more powerful technology revolution in terms of use cases ,” said Paulino Correa , Network Director , Vodafone Portugal . “ For our strategic 5G Stand Alone Core supplier , we wanted a vendor who would have innovation at its heart and equally provide us with a technically leading converged Packet Core solution . We have been working on 5G SA with Mavenir in our lab for over one year and are now ready to deliver a cloud-native Packet Core platform that will transform our network and prepare it for powerful applications and differentiating use cases , as the 5G solution evolves .” p
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