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Orbus Software partners with Planetly to drive sustainability and accelerate carbon emission reductions across tech ecosystem

Orbus Software , a leading provider of cloud solutions for Digital Transformation , has announced its global partnership with Planetly , the technology company on a mission to support business transformation to a net zero economy .

Planetly ’ s software helps organisations globally to introduce and automate carbon management , from data collection to carbon reduction strategies and offsetting measures . The company is a trusted partner for Orbus Software , which will use the system across three of its core regions . The main focus will be to support Orbus Software ’ s internal sustainability and reporting , including calculating the company ’ s carbon footprint and biggest emission drivers in real-time , setting targets , while reducing and offsetting carbon emissions .
The Planetly integration will also give Orbus Software customers insight into how their Digital Transformation journeys are impacting the company ’ s sustainability outcomes . Customers can therefore adapt their Digital Transformation roadmaps to improve sustainability and can map these insights with the enterprise architecture data that Orbus Software provides .
“ Sustainability decisions are central to executive and board level conversations and our technology architecture and digital infrastructure are key areas we need to address as part of broader sustainability programmes ,” said Michael D ’ Onofrio , CEO at Orbus Software . “ Planetly is dedicated to helping organisations go above and beyond and giving organisations the power to visualise their sustainability activity to make core business decisions is key to this . One company on a sustainability mission is great , but thousands are even better .”
Alongside supporting Orbus Software and its customers with sustainability initiatives , the partnership will also see Planetly consolidate Orbus Software ’ s data integration to enhance its reporting model in the near future . Together , the two companies will help organisations to make strategic business decisions while simultaneously communicating the benefits and opportunities that come with being more sustainable .
“ Planetly is an emerging technology platform and has a wide range of capabilities that us and our customers can leverage to achieve ambitious sustainability and carbon negative goals ,” added D ’ Onofrio . “ Our existing relationship with the OneTrust team was also a factor for choosing Planetly . It was the perfect time to engage with them and we ’ re excited about where our partnership and platform integrations can lead for both Orbus Software and our customers .”
“ Knowing your company ’ s carbon emissions has become a must-have in today ’ s business world and it will become even more important with the newest climate disclosure rule ,” said Anna Alex , Founder and CCO at Planetly . “ Every company that has already decided to manage their carbon emission on a voluntary basis will have an advantage going forward and we are excited that Orbus Software chose us as their partner for their climate journey .” p
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