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André Azadehdel , CIO , Clear Channel Europe , is responsible for leading the Out-Of- Home ( OOH ) advertising company ’ s Digital Transformation . This involves automating processes and operations , digitising products , creating digital channels and using data to enhance products . He now oversees an international team spanning 17 markets with an agile and flexible approach , driving a strong digital culture through innovation and collaboration .

Can you tell us about your role at the company and what this involves ?
I am responsible for leading the Digital Transformation of Clear Channel Europe and building the core technology capabilities to enable this . My goal is to drive a strong , agile digital culture through collaboration and innovation across not just my team – which spans 17 markets – but the entire business .
The most exciting aspect of my role as Clear Channel ’ s CIO is that it has given me the opportunity to put into practice everything I ’ ve learned about Digital Transformation over the two decades I spent as a consultant . Being CIO at Clear Channel is fascinating considering the increasing tech focus of the company . Out-of-Home is the world ’ s oldest advertising medium and we are moving away from a time when our product was only a paper poster sold for two weeks . But now that we are digitising our estate , our proposition is so much more real-time , flexible and data-driven . Tech is now at the heart of our customer experience and business , and this impacts the nature of my role at Clear Channel – I ’ m driving a transformation that has a highly intrinsic relationship with our commercial product .
What challenges do you encounter in your role and how do you manage these effectively ?
One of our biggest challenges comes from a tech talent perspective . Potential hires don ’ t always see Clear Channel as a company that has digital and



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