Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 54 - Page 55


How integration with automation defines the ultimate data centre management best practice

Data centre managers are constantly seeking more productive ways of managing their operations and with automation tools like Artificial Intelligence coming into play , they are able to do just that . Here , Herman Chan , President , Sunbird Software , talks to Intelligent CIO Europe about some of the key benefits of leveraging automation to get ahead in the data centre space while driving innovation in their operations .


Why are data centre sites becoming increasingly complex and difficult to manage ?
The demand for data centre services has never been higher . Today ’ s data centre managers face skyrocketing data storage needs , increasing rack densities , more connected devices and massive energy consumption . The demand for data centre services is driving more technology deployment and faster upgrades of outdated power-hungry systems and components , in turn driving more change within the data centre .
To add to this complexity , modern data centre environments are distributed across many remote sites such as colocation and Edge deployments .
Data centre managers struggle to remotely track all their assets , plan and manage their infrastructure capacity , perform changes at speed , increase energy efficiency and safeguard their assets and data from physical and cybersecurity threats , all while minimising risk and maximising uptime .
To make matters more difficult , many data centre managers are forced to work with a myriad of disparate tools that lack integration . They have siloed databases with no single source of truth and must sacrifice productivity and data accuracy by manually entering data into multiple systems .
Why – and how – should data centre managers follow best practices to maintain uptime , increase efficiencies and improve productivity ?
Maintaining uptime , increasing efficiency and improving productivity are arguably the three most important objectives for any data centre manager .
Downtime has been estimated to cost US $ 5,600 per minute on average and that figure can be much higher
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